The family chocolate recipe that's hard to describe

Goupie originally came from grandma Shirley, Janet Simpson's mother. It was a treat that was enjoyed by the family for as long as anyone can remember. This has caused great difficulties in remembering exactly where it came from and why on earth it was named Goupie!

Shirley's original recipe can still be found in her hand-written cookbook, though it's carefully locked away at Goupie HQ - very hush hush. This is a sort of crunchie, delicious vegan and gluten free chocolate with a recipe that saw the family through 50 years of in-home Goupie making. It was enjoyed at many a family event, car drive and even in extra-special packed lunches. Now it's shared with the rest of the world and Janet gives us all a fabulous tasting. Listen to the podcast again and find out more about Goupie here

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